Admin Control

This will open the admin school registration form.

Keep the email unique for every user or it will not register the school.

Use a secure password, it is suggested that you use an alphanumeric password. eg 1234abcd

The schools created by this process are saved as drafts and will have to be confirmed by the school to be live on the website.

This will show the list of schools that you have registered so far.

The table shown will also show the status whether it is active or inactive.

It will also show you options to share the details to verify the profile by school through mail, whatsapp or any other means as you want by copying the relevant text.

Open the link and download the sheet in the link

Please note that never modify this sheet as it is the base database structure for bulk uploading.
Open the downloaded sheet and fill in the required details as per the headings. Never change the name of the headings.
Export the sheet in CSV format.

Make sure you’re logged in as admin
Upload the CSV here↑.